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My "WHY"

My “Why” is all about my girls.  I started my fitness and nutrition journey because of a lifelong struggle with body image and self esteem.  Having two girls I knew I needed to change the way I looked at myself.  I needed to get healthy first!  I started my fitness journey at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping.  I love kickboxing and strength training!  It was a good start, but I needed to get my nutrition under control to really see the results I wanted.  I joined 1st Phorm app at the same time that I started 75 Hard.  I fell in love with tracking macros!  I had an amazing coach that helped me reach my goals and overcome a lifelong struggle with body image.  I loved the program so much that I ended up becoming a coach with 1st Phorm myself.  I also became a certified personal trainer and nutritionist so that I could really help people reach their goals.

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Hey, I’m Tina! 


I’m a coach and advisor with 1st Phorm.  I’m a wife, mom of two softball girls and two golden retrievers.  I’m a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.  My goal is to help real people get real long lasting results.  I love helping people reach their fitness and nutrition goals!  I have completed 75 hard twice and the 75 hard live hard year once.  I now help the busiest people give up fad diets and quick fixes to find long term weight loss results.  If you are tired of the yo-yo dieting and looking for a healthy way to lose weight for good, you have found the right place!  I have helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off.  

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What's included?



(+$12.99/Mo for App)

  • Macro Tracking

  • Daily Task List

  • Multiple Workout Options

  • Weekly Assessments

  • Water Tracker

  • Physical Progress Tracker

  • Direct Access with In-App Messaging

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